Is the high-end cotton sock made in China reliable?

In the view of the vast majority of consumers, product made in China is almost the same as cheap and low-end, and the most typical product category is sock.

In the past two or three decades, the fierce competition in China's manufacturing industry had kept the price of socks down, which made socks cheap enough to be disposable goods: it's not a pity to throw them away though just weared in one day. But unfortunately, as the price droped, the quality also fell into a low ebb, and consumers' complaint came as a flood, because even one day's wear was still a very bad experience.

In fact, it's not just consumers who are hurt, because profits have been squeezed to a very low level, and factories also have been struggling to survive and can not  see the future. At the same time, the ecological environment is getting worse and worse because of the uncontrolled wastewater discharge.

Right, no one is the winner in the vicious competition.

Just as the old Chinese saying goes: Things will develop in the opposite direction when they become extreme. More and more practitioners are fed up with endless price competition without bottom line, they begin to rethink, hope to change and find a new way.

They no longer take price as the only consideration, but also start to take quality into consideration. They prefer to make customers to spend more when they buy, but the customers no longer have so many troubles when they use the products, and they can also have reasonable profits, so as to promote the continuous operation of the enterprise.

And we are more extreme. We hope to product the best cotton socks in the world in one step.

The reason is that :

Firstly, our view of socks is different from that of the vast majority of people: we think that only socks are worthy of the best textile materials and technology, because there is no clothing like socks, which bears the most severe test at all times. See this blog for more detail:

Secondly, we were originally engaged in the IT industry. For the sock industry, we are new entrants, without the shackles of the industry's inherent thinking. What we  think first is from the perspective of consumers.

Thirdly, only China has the most complete cotton textile industry chain in the world at present,. If we don't try our best, who else can do it? It is our unshirkable responsibility to meet the customers' expectation of real high quality.

The brand route we choose is that to focus on a few classic styles, make superior quality at all costs, and then continue to upgrade.

Although we had simplified the product line to the greatest extent, in fact, it is still very difficult. See this blog for more detail:

Of course, we had made the expected products in the end, and now we had finished the second upgrade.

Finally, return to the question in the title: is the high-end cotton sock made in China reliable?

Many of our customers had helped us to make a positive answer.

Of course, there are also some customers who have prejudices on products made in China have made negative comments, but as so far, none of these negative comments has pointed out that there are any quality problems in the product itself.

We think you already have your answer in your mind.


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