How are we different from OEM socks brands?

Unlike most OEM’s sock brands, on the one hand, we need to constantly research and develop and test the new technology of cotton socks, on the other hand, we also need to specially customize almost all nodes of the industry chain so as to industrialize our new technology and achieve our stringent quality objectives.

This is the most challenging part of our job: because it always makes our partners feel very embarrassed, some refuse to try at first, others give up halfway, and only a small number of them can come with us to the end; this is the reason why we love the job: because only socks made in this way are really distinctive and are worth our pride.

In fact, we are a very small company which owns very limited resources, so what we can choose is to focus on several simple and classic cotton sock styles, and then we break through and continue to upgrade them.

This is our second generation product embedded with a technology named elastcotton2 which inherits the revolutionary cotton sock structure of the first generation product and improves the softness and tenacity of socks at the same time, making the overall performance of our socks reach a higher level.

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