Before 2009, we knew nothing about socks except for endless troubles...

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  • Bob Bunting

    I spent 12 years in menswear retailing, so I should know what I'm talking about, and I hope this is helpful. They stay up, don't bunch, are not too tight, and they do not shrink to an impossible wad in the wash. Wearability seems very good. You can't go wrong with these.

  • Clayton Olson

    Finally! Socks that are cotton and strong and fit well! Being 73 years old, and having bought and worn "countless" varieties of cotton socks over the decades, I finally found a sock to stay with! Every morning when I am to wear socks (no socks in the Summertime or in the sub-tropics or tropics) I am happy when I draw these socks over my feet

  • Daniel Attila

    Great product still made of almost pure cotton. All of the others have polyester or some other plastic in them. Those plastics are irritating and not recyclable, so this brand is likely your only choice if you believe in comfort and human survival.

  • AudiBmwJeep

    It's difficult to find high quality cotton sock these days. These are comfortable and don't leave my feet burning after a long day, as most of the synthetic or cheap cotton socks do. Well worth the money

  • Alex P Cure

    After first appearance they don't seem that special, but once you wear them you notice that these are probably the best feeling socks you have ever worn. The main issue with these is the price. You can probably find socks that are almost as good for a fair bit amount less money, but if you don't mind the cost there probably isn't a better pair of socks you can wear.

  • Sandra

    Beautiful socks. I was hesitant to spend so much for sport socks but my husband wanted beige socks. I am so glad I purchased them, they are every bit as advertised. So soft and my husband said he could feel the difference as soon as he put them on. The yarn is all natural and not dyed, another added bonus. Great purchase will come back for more.

  • Simone

    I need cotton socks because polyester socks make my feet too hot. These were perfect for my needs. They are ever-so-slightly thicker than Buster Brown's cotton socks, but they still keep my feet cool.

  • SixtiesGuy

    Perfect fit for my twelves, soft, well manufactured.
    Happy with purchase and would buy again.

  • Syed Aziz Ahmad

    The socks are quite comfortable. The fabric is smooth and does not give you any itchy feeling with prolonged usage (10-12 hours at a stretch).
    I shall definitely buy these again.

  • Raimund

    These socks are very high quality. I have purchased them in the past and now re-ordered. They are the best socks I ever had.

  • Michael

    These socks are the highest proportion of cotton of any I could find. Very comfortable and my feet remain dry all day.

  • Eric

    Nice product. My kids stole them before I could even use them.

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