Are our socks suitable for diabetics?

Before writing this article, we must frankly tell you: from the beginning of brand establishment, we never considered to specially design socks for diabetics.

Until one day, we read a piece of popular science article about diabetic foot and diabetic socks, learned about the painful experience and causes of diabetic foot, and further learned some important characteristics of diabetic socks.

In order to confirm these characteristics, we also searched more professional articles, and the conclusions are basically same. They are nothing more than the following six points:

1. The sock welt is loose, the sock elasticity is soft, 

2.  Not irritate the skin.

3.  Strong sweat-absorbing ability,

4. Avoid the proliferation of bacteria,

5. Soft and smooth without grinding feet.

6 .Keep warm

Based on the above characteristics, we can certainly say that the diabetic socks are not much different from the ordinary socks, they are only higher in comfort and quality than ordinary socks, but they are far from pursuing extreme comfort and quality of socks as we do.

Let's compare these six characteristics one by one:

 1. The sock welt is loose, the sock elasticity is soft

 LYCRA special spandex is used in the sock welt of our socks, and the height of sock welt reaches 2 inches (sports socks are slightly less), which makes the binding force of the sock welt disperse, which not only makes the socks not easy to slide down, but also prevents the blood circulation of the legs from being blocked, replacing the rubber band which is extremely unfriendly to the diabetic foot and has great strength and narrow stress surface.

Our socks are all made of LYCRA elastic fiber, which has high stretching ratio, soft elasticity and great comfort. 

2. Not irritate the skin.

Diabetic foot has ulcerated, and can no longer endure the stimulation from socks. Chemical fiber is often used to stimulate skin, not natural cotton, so cotton socks are preferred for diabetic foot, but about 50% of the contact surface of ordinary cotton socks is chemical fiber.

How about our cotton socks? Using special technology, the cotton contact area reaches 100%, which completely eliminates the irritation of socks to skin.

3. Strong sweat-absorbing ability

At this point, I believe you can't find better cotton socks than ours. First, our cotton yarn is mercerized, which can increase the absorption capacity of the yarn. Second, the cotton content of our socks reaches 99%, and Third, our socks are moderately thick.

Ordinary cotton socks have no mercerizing treatment, and the cotton content is about 70%. In order to reduce the cost of raw materials, the thickness is still thin.

4. Avoid the proliferation of bacteria

Bacteria is the external killer of diabetic foot, and the external condition of bacterial reproduction is the accumulation of a large amount of sweat. As mentioned earlier, our socks do not only absorb sweat quickly, but also have large capacity. Sweaty feet can be kept dry all day, and they will not stink when worn for many days.

5. Soft and smooth without grinding feet

The skin of diabetic foot is already very fragile, so it is not suitable to wear socks with higher hardness. The cotton used in our socks is the softest Pima cotton in the world, and mercerizing enhances the silky feel, which is quite different from ordinary cotton socks, and many customers who have not worn Pima cotton socks are mistaken for "fake" cotton socks.

6. Keep warm

The foot blood circulation of diabetic patients is very slow, which leads to insufficient local heating in cold season. Thick socks must be used to keep warm. As mentioned earlier, our socks are moderately thick, so long as they are not in extreme cold weather, they can achieve the goal of keeping warm.

Seeing this, I think you’ve already known that the real high-end cotton socks are not specialized diabetes socks, but they have already surpassed specialized diabetes socks.

If you happen to be troubled by diabetic foot and are looking for a pair of socks that can protect your feet, please try our socks.

Hope our products to bring you more health and happiness.

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