What do we think of socks?


Welcome to L.Martin.

While learning about our products, do you want to know how we treat socks as a sock manufacturer?

Socks are the weakest and the hardest: when we walk, they take on the weight of the whole body and are severely rubbed by shoes at every step. Even if we sit down, they still cling to the skin of our feet, constantly coping with the shock of sweat and heat.

In fact, there is no type of clothing in the world as special as socks, really not.

What is the only method to solve the troubles of various socks? Quite simply, that is, applying the world's best textile materials and textile technology to socks.

This is a matter of course for everyone.

This is not our unconventionality. We are merely explaining one of the simplest objective facts.

We sincerely hope that everyone will return to the original point with us and rethink socks.

In the choice of sock materials, like most of us, the most favorite is natural cotton. However, we have looked around the global market, there are few of cotton socks can really satisfy our feet: they are either durable but very uncomfortable or they are comfortable but quickly broken and thrown into the trash.

Where is the root of the problem? As you often see, a pair of cotton socks is made up of something like this: X% Cotton+Y% Nylon+Z% Spandex, among them, cotton mainly provides comfort, nylon mainly provides durability, and spandex improves elasticity.

When we focus on improving comfort, durability is not sufficient; when we focus on improving durability, comfort is not sufficient.

Is there a way to improve comfort while increasing durability and maintaining the necessary elasticity?

Yes, we desired to redefine cotton socks. It was 2009.

As stated in the product introduction, our solution is 99% cotton + 1% Spandex, where the breaking strength of the cotton is three times that of the national standard, and 1% of the spandex is hidden in the cotton yarn.

It looks much simpler, but when we initially tried to do it, we accidentally challenged the limits of the cotton spinning industry chain on this planet!

We put all the partners in the chain in a quandary: most refused to try at the beginning, some gave up halfway, and only a few could make it to the end with us.

After three years, the first generation of products finally came out, and now we have successfully upgraded it, indeed, what you see is our superior second generation products.

Perfect thing is nothing. In the future, we will continue to work harder,to promote the “sock revolution”, is our constant mission.

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