Why is the elasticity of socks containing only 1% Lycra so good?

Our socks contain an extreme small amount of chemical fiber. They are quite elastic. Therefore, some customers doubt the authenticity of our product description.

Actually, they do not conflict with each other.

Socks are made of knitting method (shown in the figure above) and yarns are bent into loop rings and linked with each other. Why do we use this knitting method? This knitting method is good because knitted goods can be stretched out quite a bit even without elastic fibers.

So, what is the usage of elastic fibers in socks? It is simple. They can produce necessary resilience force after the socks are stretched. Socks can be well fitted to the shape of the foot when they are worn. Socks can get back to its normal shape when they are not worn. This way can prevent sagging.

LYCRA elastic spandex is small and light as spider silk. Only a small amount of it can provide sufficient resilience.

So, have you got it?

Reference Information:

What is shown in the figure above is the tatting structure, which is woven by yarns in both directions of warp and weft. Tatting products with no elastic fibers do not have enough extensibility like knitted goods of elastic fibers.

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