Why do we use Supima cotton?

As the slogan of our brand announced, we would like to produce the best cotton socks on the planet.

Naturally, the first thing we have to do is to find the best cotton on the planet.

There are so many cotton producing areas and varieties in the world which make people dazzled. But fortunately, the cotton market is a very mature market, we just need to choose from the top area of the cotton pyramid.

Finally, there are only two choices that we can choose. One is Egyptian long staple cotton, the other one is American Supima cotton.

There is almost no difference between the two if we just consider the performance of plant fiber. But the degree of industrial standardization of Egyptian long staple cotton is far less than that of Supima cotton, and in the process of international trade acceptance, Egyptian cotton is ultimately based on the actual goods, we have to accept the cotton whatever they give us unconditionally. Obviously, there is an unstable risk , but we cannot bring this risk to our customers.

Just as the offical saying of Supima:”All Supima cotton is premium, extra-long staple cotton. Egyptian cotton only references the country of origin and does not impart any measure of quality. ”

Therefore, we decisively choose the Supima cotton with the best variety and the highest industrial standardization for our second generation products.

So, compared with regular cotton, what's the advantage of Supima cotton? Please allow us to quote Supima's official article once again:


Supima and regular cotton are in fact two different and distinct species of cotton. The most common type of cotton grown around the world typically has a fiber length of only about 1 inch, whereas Supima cotton’s fiber averages 1.5 inches. While shorter fibers produce yarns that are rougher and subject to pilling on the surface of the product, longer fibers contribute to the strength and softness of apparel and home products, ensuring that they are more comfortable, retain color longer and resist pilling over time.


Supima is twice as strong as regular cotton, which makes for extraordinarily resilient products. The longer fiber resists pulling, breaking and tearing, resulting in fashion and home products that are incredibly resilient and keep their form for a longer-lasting product.


Supima is inherently softer and more luxurious due to its extra-long staple fiber. The length of the fiber produces smoother, cleaner yarns that result in a softer fabric that resists pilling. This means that your products will feel sumptuously soft and only get softer as time passes.


Supima’s finer fibers absorb dye with a deep, long-lasting penetration. The result is a product that retains color better than regular cottons. Supima products keep their brilliance wash after wash, giving you many years of use.

All the texts quoted above are from Supima's official website: supima.com. You can also learn more through the website.

We had also prepared a small video for you, which can help you understand the advantages of Supima cotton more intuitively.

Due to the concept of natural and environmental protection, we provide a natural, unbleached and undyed Beige option for all our Supima cotton socks except for the most common colors.

In this option, there is an unique feature of Supima cotton that can be directly distinguished by the user's naked eye: it is that the yellowness of mature Supima cotton is significantly higher than that of all other regular cotton.

As shown in the pictures below:

The last question: is it possible to make the best socks with the best cotton? Of course No. the top grade raw materials are only the first step. There are still a long way we need to go. Otherwise, we will not spend three years on the first generation of products. Of course, this is another long topic.

Thank you for your reading. We look forward to meeting you again in more articles.

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