What's a wonderful journey with best cotton socks by L.Martin?

The classical ribbing design is simple and vigorous. The gifted texture is unique. The vivid colors are revealing some charming luster…Hum, it is a good first impression to us. Then, what’s next?

After several days of waiting, it came to us eventually. It feels so plain, kind and slightly decorous that we are unwilling to part with it. Finally, we put it on. Now, in whatever irregular places, every inch of the skin of both feet are wrapped by pure natural cotton fibers with a modest fitting force. No chemical fibers touch and irritate the skin…I have never experienced it before. Therefore, I simply want to keep a sitting position and enjoy it for more time.

We have to walk. When all the weight of our body is pressed onto the sock, it immediately greets the pressure with the outwardly yielding but inwardly firm PIMA cotton as if encouraging us to move forward. The front end of the sock has adopted the unobstructed technology of manually sewing the seamless toes. All this signifies a nice road being unfolded below our feet.

 We have covered a distance and our feet have become hot and sweated. Eh, where is stuffy and slippery feeling before? Whether in 40℃ summer or 0℃ winter, the feet always feel warm as if in spring. Why is it? It benefits from a 99% content of mercerized cotton and the powerful and dynamic air, heat and sweat processing capacity provided by the 100% cotton contact surface. Yes, we finally have a pair of socks that can truly breathe with our pores.

After being washed several times, the socks have become even milder and our journey is becoming nicer and nicer. Of course, there are some filoplume in its high-abraded positions… Don’t worry, the sight fluffing is an unavoidable normal phenomenon. But it will never have pilling or be stiffened as in the case of chemical fiber socks. The LYCRA spandex hidden inside the cotton yarn will always keep a mild elastic force, making the socks away from slackness all the way.


Now, the pair of socks has accompanied me for a very long journey. Ordinary socks have failed on the marching road for various reasons long before. But it has to go on. The ultimate test is coming. It keeps on rubbing the shoe. Even toenails are waging severe challenges to it due to our carelessness. However, by relying on the cotton yarn breaking force three times that speculated in most national standards, it is more tenacious than we imagined…I hope that in my future life journey, I can march forward with remarkable and nice L.Martin socks.

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