What is seamless-toe?

What is seamless-toe?

First, let’s learn about an important link of sock making – knitting.

It is an exciting link, during which long and thin yarns will eventually be changed into socks! However, socks from the hosiery knitter make us somewhat disappointed: why are there two big windows open? It seems that we have to close the two windows before putting them on the feet. Oh, no, we only need to close the window at the tip.

Let's see more clearly:

There are two ways to close the window at the tip: by machine or by hand.

Seaming by machine is very rapid. However, unluckily, it cannot be done unless two layers of fabric are overlapped and after seaming, a very high and hard hump will be left. When we wear such a sock, it will stay upon our toes steadily so that we can feel its strong noncooperation for each step.

Manual seaming is different. With our dexterous hands, we draw both sides to one surface (Please note that the two sides are not overlapped.), align every knit on both sides and connect them with yarns. After that, there will be no humped ridges. Wearing them, you will feel smooth and comfortable on your feet and no longer worry your feet have to bear extra tortures while marching forward hard.

Presumably, you may think manual seaming is so slow and has a very requirement about workers’ proficiency, which will make its production cost several times higher than that of machine-made socks. Of course, we do not exclude the possibility that there will be more advanced machines in the future to replace manual operation. However, such machines do not exist now.

Then as a consumer, how can you identify which technology is adopted? Very simple. You can know it simply by feeling whether there is a hump at the sock tip. Of course, you can turn the sock inside out and see whether there is a humped ridge inside.




At last, we have to say that despite being adopted by all socks of our brands, the ridge-less seaming technology will not necessarily appear among our core selling points because we consider it a basic technology for producing cotton socks. Please be aware of it.

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