Sock quantity or sock quality?

When consumers choose socks, they face a very confusing problem except the basic function and style: which socks should I choose with the same cost, more socks or socks with better quality?

There is an incontrovertible fact: the increase of quantity must be at the cost of the decrease of quality with the same cost. On the contrary, if we want to improve the quality, we must reduce the quantity of output.

So we can't possess both of the quality and quantity, we can only choose one of them. In fact, it's not easy to make the right choice from numerous socks which provided by online shopping malls and online stores around the world.

How to choose?

The extreme situation is that: a pair of cheapest socks may be $1 to $2, but a pair of most expensive socks can be as high as $30 to $50.

So which one would you like to buy with the same 30 dollars,30 pairs of cheap socks or one pair of expensive socks?

This problem seems like very divisive ,but doesn't have too much practical significance: those who have quality requirements will not buy the cheapest socks, and those who are seeking to save money will not buy the most expensive socks. They even think that their fleeting thoughts are a little crazy.

What is the general situation? A pair of mainstream socks with basic quality costs about $5, and a pair of high-end socks, such as our socks, costs $10-17. The price difference between the two are two or three times.

A real problem which most consumers face is that: they want to buy more quantity socks and with higher quality; and they want to buy higher quality socks but worry that they are not so good or can't wear it for a long time and waste money.

Do you think it is hard to choose? We have summed up a fair calculation formula to help us to compare.

The formula is that: the total value of socks equals to comfort multiply durability.

The basic quality socks provide basic wearing function, which means it is neither particularly bad nor particularly comfortable. Note: there are many defects of low-end socks in it, although we have to bear it, it is basically within the range which we can bear.

High quality socks, such as our socks, not only minimize the common problems of socks, so that we don't need to bear them any more, on this basis, we also provide a full range of comfort and confidence, which give us an opptunity to enjoy them, and even turn them into a tool to improve productivity.

What's more, the real high-quality socks must have higher durability at the same time. For example, the breaking strength of cotton yarn of our socks has reached three times of the national standard, which is probably the limit value of the current cotton textile industry.

Now, it's time to make a final comparison between the two calculation results. You will find that the total value of high-end socks is higher: a pair of socks can be worn for as long as three pairs of socks, or even longer. Just this, you won't lose, but how about the feeling when wearing our socks? It's a big difference.

All these different places are your extra gain, don't you?

Note: we can't guarantee that all expensive socks are worth it, because there are many brands, just "brands", or many old brands whose raw materials and technology are still keeping decades of years ago, which can't keep up with the times.

Of course, you have to try all of these things in person. We have provided a pair of experience bags for some styles. Please make an order as soon as possible.

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