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Written by Memory Lane 
June 1, 2020
These socks might be a little pricier than some, but you do get a very high quality sock for your investment. 
Our family divided this three pack up so we would get different perspectives regarding how the socks fit and feel.
In a tribute to the quality of both the design and materials, everyone had a very positive experience wearing these socks.
What stood out most about them was that their fabric maintained a cool, dry, silky feel throughout the day.
They also stayed in place; hugging the foot without compressing it.
What we liked best about these socks:

1st, fabric feels silky and cool on your feet

2nd, rib knit details make the sizing very forgiving with regards to the width

3rd, the beige color is an appealing oatmeal hue

4th, to date, fabric has held up well to wearing, washing, and drying

5th, the sock are dressy enough for work, yet plain and comfortable enough for everyday casual wear, as well as workout purposes

While there are a lot of bad and mediocre socks in this world; these "L.Martin 99%-100% Pima Cotton Crew Dress Socks Men" are a case where you get quality commensurate with what you spend.

Accordingly, if you are looking for high quality socks that will keep your feel feeling about as dry and comfortable as any sock can, then a few pairs of these would be a worthwhile addition to your sock-drawer.



Written by Michael P   
April 20, 2020 

There has been an uncomfortable trend in men’s socks over, say the past decade or longer… you know what I am talking about. You take them off at the end of the day and there is a large indentation from the elastic at the top of the sock and it takes a while for it to go away. Tight socks that cut off, hamper, and strangle your circulation.

These are not those socks.

The L. Martin brand was surprisingly comfortable. Good fit. No circulation issues.

Fast facts: Supima cotton is a superior grade of cotton grown in the USA. It is only 1% of the cotton grown in the whole world which means it is unique. Egyptian Giza cotton is also the finest cotton in the world and good enough to sleep on. I also noticed 1% Lycra Spandex on the packaging (must be the stretch factor).

The cotton comes from the US and the socks are made in China.

So, when I have a Cotton pickin' minute to decide on socks in the future, I’m going for comfort all the way.

I thank L. Martin and my feet thank them.




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